5 Things: Bao Bao edition

Happy Friday! If you\’re half as glad as I am that it\’s Friday, that\’s still a lot. I would just like to wish a heartfelt \”Happy Anniversary!\” to my parents (36 years is something we all aspire to!) and \”Happy Birthday!\” to Mum (I promise, I won\’t say how old you are!). But now it\’s back to this week\’s \”5 Things\”:

1) This week it was voted that Bao Bao (a Chinese panda) was the \”Most Iconic\” item in the Smithsonian. The best part of this competition was the debate from Slate.com in which four of its journalists debated which of the four finalists for \”most iconic\” should win. You can listen to that here. Otherwise, I don\’t know if I agree that a panda qualifies as \”iconic.\” What do you think?

2) There\’s a wonderful program called The ArtsLiteracy Project that I\’d love to bring to your attention. This Brown University-based organization is all about bringing the arts to the masses. Definitely worth checking out if you are an arts educator.

3) Have you heard of EmpireAvenue.com? I heard about it for the first time this week. It\’s basically social media with a stock market twist. People \”buy\” shares in your account and earn dividends as your popularity goes up (which includes your interaction on social networks). It\’s probably really interesting for you folks who love finances and the stock market. The jury is still out whether it\’s good for networking.

4) Okay, I\’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have been watching this but Married at First Sight is a reality show/social experiment that has really piqued my interest. As the title suggests it\’s about three couples who literally meet on their wedding day. The caveat is that they must stay married for at least five weeks before deciding to stay married. It actually has some great life lessons about relationships woven into the show.

5) And, thanks to Keely from A Wholesome Approach, this cool barre exercise video came to my attention. It was a great routine for my lunch break at the office. Really enjoyed this one and hope you do, too!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and eat some dark chocolate in honor of Mum\’s birthday!

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