Tried it Tuesday:

This past weekend I had the privilege of hosting a Redbook and L\’Oreal Paris \”Happy Hour House Party\” courtesy of My guests and I were treated to all sorts of goodies and had an excellent excuse to get together and get in some \”girl time.\” 

What is is a website that encourages the promotion of products and services through house parties (duh!). The host/hostess gets to plan a little shindig centered around the product. The guests often receive samples or get to interact with the product itself. The only requirement is that you invited at least 10 people and share photos and reviews of the experience with

The best part? These parties are not like selling Tupperware or makeup so it isn\’t like a soft sales pitch over snacks.

The experience? 

My first House Party was such fun. My friends and I tried out eye cream and lip gloss while flipping through the pages of Redbook and eating some delicious snacks. I loved the fact that it wasn\’t my job to sell the products because they spoke for themselves.

Overall, it was fun to plan this party and my friend went home with some great samples and a free 12-month subscription to Redbook. Wow!

Would I do it again? 

Absolutely. I didn\’t feel like I was imposing on people and asking them to buy things from me. The products were also very high quality so I was enthusiastic about sharing them.

If you like having parties, too, you can check out the other upcoming events and sign up to be a prospective host/hostess at

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