Tried it Tuesday: Re-vamping dining room chairs

My dining room chairs were lovingly bequeathed to me from a dear friend\’s parents when I bought my house. Even though they were not quite what I would have chosen for myself, the sentimental value was beyond priceless, The chairs were also pretty comfy and the best price of all: free.


As I accumulated more and more pieces to furnish the house, it was pretty clear  that the chairs were just a little… dated. Finally, I decided it was time to give them a makeover in keeping with the rest of the decor. 

So, I started shopping for some new upholstery fabric and padding. Hancock Fabrics turned out to be the most cost-effective choice. They had a wonderful selection of decor fabrics on clearance and it was the only place where I could find foam pads big enough for my seats. (They are a strange shape which is why it was a challenge.)

Thanks to this DIY tutorial and going rogue with a little spray paint, the chairs are no longer eyesores! I admit I did have to contend with a lot of windy days to get the painting done but the effort required wasn\’t too much. The finished product was beyond expectation.


Now I think I\’ll be garage sale hopping the next few weekends to find two more mis-matched chairs for the same treatment. (I can\’t wait!) Have you ever painted or reupholstered your dining room chairs? 

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