5 Things: It\’s not unusual edition

Happy Friday! It\’s been a busy week but I couldn\’t wait to share some of this week\’s \”5 Things\” with you all. Of course, I\’m also really glad it\’s Friday.

1) The Carlton is ba-ack… for this week, anyway. The moment we DWTS/Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fans were waiting for arrived on Monday. (It would have been a shame to avoid it on a show devoted to dancing.) Loved it!

2) Here are 10 (10! Ah, ah, ah!) very cool scarf DIY projects just in time for the brisk weather. I love the idea of using stamps to make a pattern. (The creative wheels are really turning now!)

3) This Quick and Easy Apricot Hand Pie Recipe is just what I needed this week. It\’s perfect for when you have a hankering for something sweet but don\’t want to bake (say) an entire pie. Apricot hand pies are perfect with a cup of black tea in the evening. Delish!

4) I may have mentioned this before but I love The Guardian\’s \”Do Something brainy\” section. There are all sorts of interesting articles about doing all sorts of brain-building activities. The monthly puzzle sheet is my favorite feature.

5) Chocolate Mousse… ridiculously delicious and so simple to make. I\’m already plotting to serve this at my next ladies\’ night dinner and serve the mousse in clear glasses layered with something crunchy like crumbled graham crackers. Okay, now I\’m hungry!

Okay, that\’s all for now! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Published by Jenn R

I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

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