5 Things: Post-Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Friday! Hope all you Americans had a wonderful Thanksgiving and the rest of you a wonderful week. 1) First, here\’s a heartwarming story from Lisa Lovatt-Smith regarding her life as a foster mother beginning when she was 23. I\’m looking forward to reading her book! 2) Looking for a new ornament craft to make?Continue reading “5 Things: Post-Thanksgiving Edition”

5 Things: OK salmon cannon edition

Happy Friday! Here in the USA we\’re closing in on Thanksgiving and I can\’t believe that Christmas is not far behind. The holidays always seem to come more quickly than I expect. But that is neither here nor there as this week\’s \”5 Things\” is all about taking a few moments for some fun beforeContinue reading “5 Things: OK salmon cannon edition”

Tried it Tuesday: Influenster.com

Happy Tuesday, Readers! As you\’ve probably realized by now, I enjoy trying new things. One of the perks of being a blogger is that I get to try new things quite often. And one of the ways I get to do this is through a site called Influenster.com. Influenster is a relatively unique site. TheContinue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Influenster.com”

5 Things: Comfort and Laughter Edition

Happy Friday! I don\’t know about you but Friday could not have come quickly enough this week. It just wasn\’t a fun few days but, fortunately, Saturday is on the horizon and this installment of \”5 Things\” is all about making Friday just that much better: 1) The Huffington Post compiled a pretty amazing listContinue reading “5 Things: Comfort and Laughter Edition”

What does "good" dance look like?

Recently a reader who is not a dancer asked me how I determine if a performance is \”good\” or not which opened a great dialogue. It\’s always a wonderful experience to talk out these things with someone who is not in the dance world because I generally end up coming away with some new insightsContinue reading “What does "good" dance look like?”

5 Things: Don\’t read on an empty stomach edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week and are ready for some fun this weekend. Just a warning that you may need to come back when you\’re not hungry for this week\’s \”5 Things\” which is all about yummy, cold weather comfort food. Can you tell I was looking for recipes to keepContinue reading “5 Things: Don\’t read on an empty stomach edition”