Top 10 posts of 2014

Hello, everyone! I hope you had very nice Christmases/Hanukkahs, etc. and are ready to have a good time for New Years Eve. (Even if that includes-like myself-celebrating two hours early with NYC and going to bed!)

Well, I thought it might be fun to look back at the top blog posts of 2014 from the ajennda and share them with you all. The list includes the posts with the most hits in the past year. Amazingly, one is still the most read over a year after it was published. Wow!

Check it out:

#10 is the \”Polymer clay ornaments\” DIY post. My crafting buddy and I had such a good time with those!

For #9 we have \”The Royal Ballet\’s Swan Lake in Cinema.\” The event has passed but you can still see the gorgeous trailer and check out the evergreen (and ever-informative) Dance Advantage which sponsored the post.

#8 is a review for the ballet-themed YA thriller Dance of Shadows.

Coming in at #7 is \”Why is ballet {still} important?\”

#6 is Nicole LaBonde\’s \”What I Learned from Ballet: Just keep dancing.\” Really inspirational and definitely a dancer to follow if you are trying to carve out your own career.

My \”Unofficial guide to being a woman\” landed at #5. Not that I\’m the end-all authority on this subject (or any subject, really) but I appreciate the support!

\”How old is too old to start modern dance\” is in the #4 spot. Spoiler alert: It\’s never too late! 🙂

Terez from The Classical Girl\’s post in the \”What I Learned from Ballet\” series is priceless at #3. If you need some inspiration (and a good chuckle) this is a good one to check out.

#2 is my \”Top 10 favorite dance books of all time.\” Check back with me in a few years and this will probably change but for now, this is really a good list for dancers and dance-lovers.

And in the #1 spot (by a huge margin) is \”Blogging ballet: How old is too old to dance?\”  Searching for \”am I too old for ballet\” is the #1 way that readers find the ajennda. It\’s a brilliant reminder that we should be encouraging people to dance!

Okay, that\’s it! Thanks for reading the ajennda this year, everyone. I hope you\’ll keep in touch in 2015, too.

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