What I Learned in 2014

Another year has passed proving once again that my parents were quite right when they told me something along the lines of \”time passes more quickly as you get older\” all those years ago. I think it was probably in reference to my wanting Christmas or summer vacation to hurry up and arrive… but I digress!

Over the past few days I\’ve been looking back over 2014 (the good, the bad and the funny) and realized that there were actually a lot of opportunities for personal growth (some of which I took, and some I did not). And I realized that I still have a lot to learn.

I have been blessed with an amazing network of \”family\”
They say you can\’t choose your family but I beg to differ. These people began as friends and quickly became much more dear and mostly because they actually choose to be a part of my life. Shocking! Thank you, dear ones, for filling in the gaps when I needed love and support (and sometimes company at the doctor\’s office!) the most. I love you all!

It never hurts to ask
This was always a hard one for me and mostly because I was painfully timid for most of my life. But then I realized that the worst case scenario is that they say \”no\” or \”I don\’t know\” and that certainly is not the end of the world. And good things tend to happen when you ask for help or guidance. Amazing!

I still hate confrontation
It\’s never been my thing to point out what others do wrong in a professional setting and it might likely always be this way. While I am really good at staying calm, the aftermath is rarely pleasant and I really let it get to me. Seriously, if anyone has any suggestions to help get better at confrontation, I\’d love to hear them!

Rejection isn\’t the end of the world
As a dancer, one would think I learned this long ago but that dreaded little concept seemed to come into play more this year than any other. (Or it could just be that my short term memory is even worse than I imagined) Let\’s just say that the adage \”When God closes a door, He opens a window\” tends to be spot on.

I am actually able to keep a pair of sunglasses in tact for more than three months
The infamous sunglasses jinx that I am, I have hit a new record. I\’m going for six months in 2015!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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