5 Things: New year, new Netflix edition

Happy Friday and Happy New Year! I hope you\’re like me and enjoying a second long weekend. I\’m starting a petition to do this once a month. At the very least.

But until then, I hope you\’ll enjoy this week\’s \”5 Things\”:

1) Available on Netflix is a BBC detective show called Broadchurch that I have watched voraciously for the past week or so. There was an American version on the Fox network called Gracepoint (with the same lead actor). However, the British version has a cinematic quality to it and more natural dialogue that make it more appealing. And, I just found out that Broadchurch will be back for another season.

2) And speaking of Netflix (my favorite past time when it\’s cold out) I am also hooked on the series Velvet. It\’s a Spanish period piece from the 50\’s about a fashion house where the owner\’s son falls for a seamstress even though his father strongly objects to the match. Really interesting story and a great way to brush up on your Spanish if you like that sort of thing. (There are subtitles, of course.)

3) I may have mentioned this blog before but Daytonian in Manhattan is such a cool tribute to all the interesting architecture in Manhattan. All the buildings have such great stories. I love popping in from time to time to see the latest posts that are an enjoyable read for lovers of NYC like myself.

4) A really fantastic drugstore brand mascara has recently come to my attention: Revlon\’s Bold Lacquer Mascara. I was in between purchasing my absolute favorite Clinique\’s High Impact Mascara and found it to be a good alternative for about a third of the price. The Revlon mascara really does add length and volume to my lashes and is a good option to use when blending in falsies for a performance. Highly recommended!

5) This sugar cookie recipe from Martha Stewart is my favorite when it comes to using cookie cutters. Christmas tends to be the only time I make sugar cookies but I\’m hoping to do so more often now that I\’ve found my perfect dough. You can see my cookies here:

A photo posted by Jenn Romano (@theajennda) on

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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