5 Things: Typing on a snowy evening edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week! My neck of the woods has seen an unusual second snow this week (we\’re usually limited to one if at all) and one particularly spectacular sunrise as as a result (see #1). I just wish it would snow this much on a weekend when I actually had time to make a snowman! Oh, well, maybe next time… and here\’s this week\’s \”5 Things\”:
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1) This is a shot I took Thursday morning of a snowy sunrise. Sorry that it was on my phone (I didn\’t think to bring my camera with me to work) but I think you get the general idea. It was pretty breathtaking!

2) And if you\’re looking for more snowy pictures this week, I\’d recommend checking out Esther Haven\’s account on Instagram. She went ice fishing in Russia and the expanse of snow seems to go for miles under a blue sky. Just beautiful! Of course, she\’s just a very talented photographer in general and definitely worth following. 
3) Yahoo recently had a great story about ballet dancer Michaela DePrince who appeared in the wonderful ballet documentary First Position and has even performed on Dancing With the Stars. There\’s a nice update about her current career which I think any aspiring dancer will find inspirational. Good read!
4) If you\’re like me and stuck behind a computer for a good portion of the day, you might appreciate these \”3 DIY fixes for your achy neck.\” I am also a fan of using foam rollers with similar results. A small price to pay for sanity! 
5) Last but certainly not least, I have new chocolate to share: Kroger\’s Simple Truth Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt. Smooth, chocolate flavor with that salty aftertaste… let\’s just say it didn\’t last long in my house. Highly recommended! Kroger did provide me with a complimentary product but I have since bought my own. It\’s that good. 
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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