5 Things: V is for Valentines edition

Happy Friday! Happy Valentine\’s Day! (And Happy Long Weekend for the ones enjoying President\’s Day off!) Hope you all had a decent week with plenty of chocolate treats whether you like V-day or not. It is the perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate, after all. Best of all, people give you chocolate. How can you go wrong with that?

Anyway! Here are this week\’s \”5 Things\” and I promise that not all of them are related to V-Day. Enjoy!

1) I just loved this village in The Netherlands where people suffering from Dementia can live fairly normal lives. My summers from high school were spent working with Alzheimer\’s patients and knowing the progression of the disease, the idea is a great one. A safe environment would have been wonderful for the caregivers who really only had two days a week to themselves. And I think it would be a great life for those suffering from the disease.

2) 2-Ingredient Nutella Brownies are on my to-do list this weekend. But if you aren\’t that adventurous, these Mars Bars Brownies or Valentine\’s Day Brownies look equally scrumptious. It\’s shaping up to be a brownie weekend!

3) Speaking of Valentine\’s treats, I love Sugar&Cloth\’s DIY Edible Chocolate Messages. I\’m not sure of my ability to make letters that actually look like they belong in the English alphabet but I am certain of my ability to come up with great phrases: \”Eat More Chocolate\” and \”File UR Taxes\” come to mind… this is going to be fun!

4) My favorite veg this time of year is butternut squash and I recently came across this Butternut Squash and Ginger Bread recipe that sounds delicious. I am waiting to make it for company because I\’m pretty sure that I will eat it all by myself, otherwise. It does sound that good.

5) Last, in case you haven\’t seen it, this is a really stunning video with Sergei Polunin dancing to \”Take Me to Church\” by Hozier. He\’s an incredible dancer and certainly worth watching.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a great weekend… and I\’ll see you at the drugstore early on Sunday for 75% off V-day candy. Save me the dark chocolate, okay? 🙂

Published by Jenn R

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