5 Things: Two dancers and a focaccia edition

Happy Friday! Here\’s hoping you all had a great week. As usual, I\’m just looking forward to a weekend to detox from the work week. When you go from an active job to a passive (desk) job, the disparity in energy level at the end of the week is incredible. So, yeah, that is whyContinue reading “5 Things: Two dancers and a focaccia edition”

5 Things: Do no harm to houseplants edition

Happy Friday! This week seemed particularly long for some reason but I hope it wasn\’t that way for you all. And I hope you have some fun weekend plans to look forward to. Something other than \”Spring Cleaning\” like a game of putt-putt or a picnic. But, first, here\’s this week\’s installment of \”5 Things\”Continue reading “5 Things: Do no harm to houseplants edition”

Blogging Ballet: Sorry, there is no DIY ballet training

A common question I\’ve gotten recently is some variation of \”What exercises can I do at home to teach myself ballet?\” Because we live in the age of YouTube and Vimeo, this seems like a pretty simple request. You can find videos teaching you exercise routines, knitting and how to install your own dishwasher. So,Continue reading “Blogging Ballet: Sorry, there is no DIY ballet training”

5 Things: A recipe for poetry edition

Happy Friday! Hope everyone had a great week and are fending off allergy season as best you can. My latest method of combating pollen is just to stay indoors with my air cleaner running at every possible moment. Too much? Anyway! It\’s time for another installment of \”5 Things\” and I hope you enjoy: 1)Continue reading “5 Things: A recipe for poetry edition”

5 Things: Uptown Passover edition

Happy Good Friday, Passover and Easter! (Whew!) Hope you all had a really good week and are ready for another installment of \”5 Things\”: 1) What happens when Passover meets \”Uptown Funk.\” It\’s a very good thing. (And a crash course in the Passover story if you\’re not familiar.) 2) This might seem like aContinue reading “5 Things: Uptown Passover edition”