5 Things: Do no harm to houseplants edition

Happy Friday! This week seemed particularly long for some reason but I hope it wasn\’t that way for you all. And I hope you have some fun weekend plans to look forward to. Something other than \”Spring Cleaning\” like a game of putt-putt or a picnic. But, first, here\’s this week\’s installment of \”5 Things\” to help get you through the day: 

1) This mash-up of ColdPlay\’s \”Fix You\” with \”Ishq Bina\” from the Bollywood film Taal is pretty darn fantastic. Unfortunately, the video leaves a little bit to be desired (so, maybe just listen instead of watching?) but the vocals are wonderful. Beautiful!

2) This post about \”5 No-Kill Houseplants for Any Home\” was most likely written for me. Because, well, let\’s face it: I am very blessed to have a single Christmas Cactus and a pair of hearty rose bushes that haven\’t given up the ghost yet. Generally when I\’m left to my own devices, my plants all die. I think I might add a couple of these suggestions to my collection. 
3) I loved this next story: \”Oklahoma metro business leaves message for dumpster diver.\” The owner of the business realized that someone was digging through their trash and decided to invite him inside for a real meal (free of charge). How\’s that for some good news? 🙂 
4) Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day and I happened across an interesting piece from Linda S. Haase called \”Shouldering an Inheritance of Grief.\” Definitely worth a read!
5) I have probably gushed over the blog My Castle in Spain many times before but I couldn\’t resist her Chocolate Chantilly and Lady Fingers recipes (toward the bottom of the post after the wonderful photographs). Doesn\’t that sound like a great weekend treat while you\’re enjoying the Spring weather on the back porch with some friends? 
Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Published by Jenn R

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