5 Things: DWTS Season 20 edition

Happy Friday! Out this way the roses are blooming the pollen count is finally manageable. So, it hasn\’t been a bad week but everyone loves a Friday, right? This week I wanted to share my favorite moments from the 20th season of Dancing With the Stars. Here are my top 5:

1) Noah and Sharna\’s Waltz this season was absolutely gorgeous. Of course, what happened afterward was even better. (Make sure you watch to the end!)

2) He\’s a pirate! The pirate Paso Doble with Riker and Allison really solidified Riker\’s talent on that stage. This is one that I can watch again and again without getting bored.

3) Nastia and Derek\’s Jive (post-Derek injury) was so cool! The split room stage was inspired and Nastia looked like she was having loads of fun. (Who else was sorry to see her eliminated this week?)

4) Team Trouble\’s school-themed group dance was a treat.I especially love Patti LaBelle as the teacher. She is such an amazing performer!

5) Last (although my most favorite) is Rumer and Val in a Foxtrot for the first episode. This is the moment when Rumer established herself as a serious contender. It has been so wonderful to watch her continue to grow over the season as well!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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