5 Things: Down the rabbit hole from China edition

Happy Friday! It\’s been a short week here but I am no less happy that it\’s Friday. Somehow we always seems to cram five days of work into a shortened week, anyway. But now it\’s Friday and time for \”5 Things.\” I hope you enjoy them!

1) I absolutely loved (and highly recommend) This American Life\’s installment called Americans in China. It was very funny to learn that foreigners are often asked to be on Chinese television as a gimmick. So, I guess if you can\’t make it on American TV, China might be a good move. Haha!

2) As a result of the above podcast I found some really great blogs written by expats in China. Chinese Potpourri, Speaking of China, and Two Americans in China all give some insights into life in China for outsiders. The cultural differences are so interesting!

3) Okay, I have a confession to make: I\’m hooked on the Lifetime show My Crazy Ex. It\’s just as addictive as those true crime shows. If you\’ve ever dated someone who made you uncomfortable, you\’ll probably relate to the subject matter. And possibly realize that anyone you dated was probably not so bad in comparison.

4) Ballerina Suzanne Farrell gave a commencement speech recently at Brandeis University and said that \”…the arts are hospitals for our souls.\” Beautiful, right? I hope someone puts the entire transcript online because I would love to hear what else she had to say!

5) Venturing down the Suzanne Farrell online rabbit hole I found this article from The Telegraph in 2006 titled \”A passionate love letter re-opened.\” If you are not familiar with the great ballerina\’s story, it\’s definitely a good place to start. (If you\’re really interested, I highly recommend her autobiography, too!)

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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