Photo-Hunt #1

Happy Monday! (I know, I know, \”what\’s happy about it?\”) Well, I\’m about to tell you!

This week the ajennda is trying something new: a photography scavenger hunt!

Each week a new list of things/items/concepts/colors/whatever sounds interesting will be posted on the blog and you can participate by taking photos of all the things on the list. (Or as many as you can find!) Be literal or be creative but just have fun!

Once you have your pictures, use the link tool at the bottom of the page to show off your blog, Instagram account, or whatever platform you prefer. Each link party will be open for one week.

This week\’s list: 

It\’s wedding season so this week you\’ll be photographing…

Something old
Something new
Something borrowed
Something blue

The rules: 

1) Keep the photo content family-friendly. No nudity or depictions of violence or sex. We reserve the right to remove any links that do not meet this criteria at our discretion.  

2) The photos must be yours. Only take credit for your own photography and not someone else\’s.

3) You can post links up to midnight on the following Sunday. After that a new scavenger hunt will be available.


Grab A Button:

Want to link back to the scavenger hunt on your blog or website? Use the code below…
the ajennda

the ajennda

Link up!

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