5 Things: Run Mac run edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week. Maybe the air is just a bit crisper in your area of the world. Or maybe it\’s still ridiculously hot. Well, at least it finally rained in L.A. (I saw so many tweets about rain, I had to share the video… sorry!) And I don\’t know about you but I\’m looking forward to the weekend. But, first, another \”5 Things\”:

1) I loved BuzzFeed\’s latest \”PC Lovers Try Using Macs.\” This is totally like me trying to show my dad how to make a spreadsheet on his Mac last weekend. (Yes, I\’m hooked on PC.)

2) A fellow word nerd shared this with me and I just had to pass it along. Check out 10 English Words with the most multiple meanings. So interesting and so nerdy. Love it!
3) I don\’t know about you but I have been waiting and waiting (not very patiently) for the new season of the Serial podcast. In the mean time I stumbled across a slew of podcasts inspired by Serial including Undisclosed and Serial Dynasty. Both are highly recommended if you, too, are impatient for Serial\’s second season.  
4) Photographer Agne Gintalaite complied a beautiful series on garage doors in Lithuania. About 200 of them, actually. These colorful relics of the Soviet era are real works of art. So cool!
5) This last one was interesting: A man worked for six months to make a sandwich from scratch. I can\’t say I would ever try something like this but it does put things into perspective. Like what it took to make the turkey sandwich I had for lunch yesterday. 
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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