5 Things: Bake off adorable edition

Happy Friday!! Per usual, the weather is getting a bit crisp now in the mornings and I have to say that the Balloon Fiesta has been a smashing success as a result. We were worried about the rain (we\’ve gotten a bunch of that, too!) but it hasn\’t ruined the wonderful morning events. (You can see some of my photos on Instagram.) Absolutely gorgeous year!

Of course, now comes the \”do I unpack my sweaters or not\” dilemma. Choices, choices! Well, before we have to decide whether or not to start prepping for winter, why not check out this week\’s \”5 Things?\”:

1) Want to see an amusing montage of Matt Damon\’s film career? Well, look no further! You might not want to watch this one at the office if you tend to laugh out loud because you probably will. 🙂

2) I\’m so excited because The Great British Bake Off has made its way to Netflix. No more \”I only caught the end of an episode\” on PBS! If you like cooking competitions but hate the weird drama that is generated for American TV, I think you\’ll appreciate this one, too. That and it\’s so cool to see what they are baking across the pond. (I never would have thought to make my own ciabatta!)

3) Need a good dose of cute today? Check out Kumbali and Kago from the Richmond Zoo. The cheetah/puppy duo is adorable. I dare you not to smile!

4) If you\’re really interested in true crime podcasts, I recommend checking out the Missing Maura Murray podcast. It\’s an interesting case were Maura Murray disappeared without a trace after a minor single-car accident. She\’s been missing since 2004 with no credible sightings.

5) And this one is for my sister: 28 Pumpkin Recipes, Crafts and More compiled by Rae Gun Ramblings. Like pumpkin? Knock yourself out! 🙂

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

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