5 Things: Another Halloween edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week and are putting the finishing touches on your costumes for tomorrow. I also hope you\’ve set aside some of the good chocolate for your own consumption! Well, while you\’re waiting for the fun to begin, how about checking out some interim fun with this week\’s slightly spooky \”5 Things?\”

1) It\’s far from spooky but I had to share this lovely story about a pet horse who became a racing champion. The video originally appeared on CBS\’ Sunday Morning. Beautiful story! (If you\’re like me and weep at Hallmark commercials, you\’ll need Kleenex nearby for this, too!) Although, I must say it does make me wish I had begged a little harder for a pony when I was younger. J

2) This American Life did a special, scary story edition for the podcast called \”And the Call Was Coming from the Basement.\” A not-so-haunted house and creature attacks make this an interesting listen. Warning, though: Don\’t listen to the last vignette while eating your lunch.

3) If you\’re looking for more scary stuff, check out the podcast Lore. Author Aaron Mahnke explores some eerie tales and legends from around the world. Worth checking out if you enjoy stories of the (often) unexplained.

4) Every year before Halloween, Michael Jackson/\”Thriller\” enthusiasts gather together to perform the zombie dance to raise money for charity. (In Albuquerque the talented group raised money for a homeless charity.) Well, Yahoo has complied some of the best \”Thriller\” tribute videos from this year.

5) Since I feel like I should be sharing a pumpkin recipe this time of year (peer pressure!), here is a pretty delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin from It\’s Yummi. I am not a fan of clove or nutmeg (or allspice for that matter) so I left them out. The ginger and the chocolate chips were beautiful on their own. Yum!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! (And if you happen to save me a peanut butter cup, I wouldn\’t be upset.)

Published by Jenn R

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