Tried it Tuesday: Chocolate-Covered Pretzel Rods

Recently, I was involved with hosting a baby shower for a special couple. Thanks to Pinterest and all those awesome bloggers out there, I felt a little bit of pressure to do something extra special. That\’s when I stumbled across a cool idea: Chocolate-covered pretzel rods!

Who doesn\’t like chocolate and pretzels? (People who were born without taste buds, obviously.)

I turned to Paula Dean\’s recipe at with a couple of tweaks: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, only, and sprinkles that matched the party decor (blue and lime green).

Using the microwave to melt the chocolate was perfect! Ordinarily I would use a double-boiler method but I could have imagined it being a terrible mess while trying to juggle pretzels and sprinkles at the same time.

My only advice is to buy more sprinkles than you think you need because you use A LOT of sprinkles! Otherwise, this is a super-easy treat with excellent (dummy-proof) results. Did I mention that they are also delicious?!

Here\’s the finished product:

Have you ever tried making chocolate-covered pretzel rods?

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