Tried it Tuesday: Pumpkin VoxBox

Happy Tuesday! Yes, unfortunately, it\’s just Tuesday and not Wednesday as I had hoped. Well, as it happens the nice people at chose me to try out their latest \”Pumpkin VoxBox\” with all sorts of goodies inside. I thought I tell you all about them today.

goodnessknows snack squares 

All I can say about these is: \”Yum!\” Chocolate and nuts are always great together. Just add apple, though, and you\’ve got a really interesting snack! Great flavors and you can never go wrong with dark chocolate. Seriously. I particularly like that you can eat a square at a time and save the rest for later. Great for the snack stash in your desk drawer!

Alexia Foods Frozen Sweet Potato Fries 

Alexia Foods has a variety of frozen treats but the sweet potato fries are my favorite hands down. These babies are a perfect side dish for such things as meatloaf and hamburgers or even chili. When I\’m feeling lazy and don\’t want to chop actual sweet potatoes, I add the fries to my black bean chili. Delicious!

Ultra Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Softener

I have this really pretty (and delicate) chiffon top that I love to wear. I am always a little nervous about washing it, though, because I\’m afraid that the washing machine is going to shred the fabric up. Well, Downy can\’t do anything about my washing machine but it made this top so incredibly soft that I thought I had washed another shirt by mistake. The scent is also lasting and pleasant. (Not many scents beat the smell of fresh laundry with a quality fabric softener.) My only beef with Downy (and thus the four out of five stars) is the price. I\’m definitely keep the rest of my sample for special occasions and am not likely to switch from dryer sheets due to the cost.

Mr. Sketch Scented Marker 

Why are scented markers so fun? They are just special and a little extra fun for coloring. I\’m pretty impressed with these, actually, and not just because they are actually washable (my kitchen table thanks Mr. Sketch!). The tip is great for drawing with smooth lines. I\’ll go so far as to say that even adults who like to draw and color will appreciate Mr. Sketch Scented Markers.

Yucatan Guacamole

Well, here\’s a secret: I have never actually made my own guacamole. I pretty much rely on everyone else to break out their secret recipes (one friend admitted that the \”secret\” was simply mashed avocado and salsa!) or I buy a package like Yucatan brand at the grocery store. Yucatan has a good variety of flavors (and levels of heat… I chose mild) for just about any palate. In my opinion, Yucatan is the best brand of guacamole that you can buy in store.

Werther\’s Original Soft Caramels 

I don\’t know about you but my grandparents usually had Werther\’s Original hard candy at their house. So, this treat was a blast from the past with a new twist. The flavor is great: Smooth and creamy like a Werther\’s should be! My only problem with the candy is that chewy caramel gets stuck in my teeth. My brother-in-law, however, was more than happy to take these off my hands. So, if you\’re a caramel-lover, I think it\’s safe to say you\’ll love these, too!


Soooo good! Three grams of fat for a bag, 150mg of sodium, and no sugar. I love that these popchips are like a cross between a chip and a cracker in texture. Crunchy and pleasantly salty without overdoing the salt or the usual greasiness we get with a potato chip. Did I mention that they are also gluten free and Vegan? Win!

I had a lot of fun trying these out and sharing them with family. Have you tried any of these yourself? What did you think?

Have a great day, everyone!

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