5 Things: Hello, cranberries! Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had an exceptional week! I have to tell you guys that we had the weirdest weather this week in the Duke City. Monday there was a mini-blizzard. It melted Tuesday. Then yesterday almost reached 60 degrees! Crazy! I\’m totally ready to hibernate this weekend no matter what the weather brings. (Spoiler: It will probably be cold!)
Well, before we launch into the weekend, how about checking out this week\’s \”5 Things?\” 

1) For about the past week, I have been humming Adele\’s new single \”Hello.\” Well, imagine my surprise when Demi Lovato does an incredible job covering the song. What range! Wow! (Sorry in advance that I couldn\’t find a professional recording of this gem,)

2) Pumpkin isn\’t so big at my house but cranberry definitely is. So, we really look forward to the season when we can find fresh cranberries at the grocery store. While plotting what to do with my cranberries I ran across these Cranberry Apple and Pear-Cranberry pie ideas. I may be making both for next week. Don\’t they sound delish? 
3) When it comes to holiday table settings, I love folding the napkins in pretty or unique ways. (Napkin nerd?) And I just wanted to share these other ideas from MarthaStewart.com. I love them all!! 
4) This week\’s episode of This American Life titled \”The Leap\” was pretty good. They always dig up some really interesting stories including one that only 9% of Americans would be interested in time travel! Would you be interested in time travel? The jury is still out for me unless that meant dancing a Swan Lake pas de deux with Nureyev. (Is that selfish?) 
5) And, lastly, a genius idea: LEGO slippers!! Parents everywhere, rejoice: No more LEGO pain (incontestably the worst type of pain known to humankind) when you step on those pesky blocks. I\’m excited. 🙂 
Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a particularly wonderful weekend!

Published by Jenn R

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