5 Things: \’Twas the weekend before Christmas edition

Happy Friday! \’Tis the weekend before Christmas and everyone is a little harried. Dashing from store to store, what packages they carried! See, all the stress this Christmas brings? So, why not take a few moments to sit and enjoy this week\’s \”5 Things?\” 
You (probably) won\’t regret taking a little breather. Check it out: 
1) Everyone on late night TV has been going geeky for the new Star Wars release but I thought that The Tonight Show\’s version was one of the best. 
2) This article from Yahoo about \”How Cuba Produces Some of the Best Ballet Dancers in the World\” is pretty interesting. Of course, Cuba is much like the Soviet Union was a few decades ago and so the government subsidizes arts and sports training in similar ways to the funding of programs like their national military. 
3) I have to admit I was pretty amused when a homeowner left an unpleasant surprise for package thieves. Having had my share of packages stolen from my porch, pranking the thieves seemed like a good idea. But I would have simply put a message in the box stating \”Smile, you\’re on surveillance camera.\”  
4) Yahoo featured the coolest pull-apart pizza this week. It was intended for football parties but I\’m thinking it would be perfect for our annual cookie baking extravaganza. 
5) Lastly, I hope you seriously will take a little time to just breathe this weekend. Maybe take a nap or play a few rounds of Candy Crush. Just don\’t let the stress get to you. \”Perfect\” is overrated and, no, you don\’t need to buy more than one gift for your second cousin once removed. 🙂
Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Published by Jenn R

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