5 recipes for leftover whipping cream

For some reason we ended up with an awful lot of extra whipping cream at my house last week. I think I overestimated how much one of my Christmas baking recipes required. It was pretty funny! 

The downside was the fact that I was certain that we were going to have wasted whipping cream on our hands. Wasting food is something I absolutely hate doing. 

So, we got a little creative with five really excellent recipes. The best part? The ingredients were things I had in the house, already. Check them out: 

1) Fluffy Scrambled Eggs. This one is so simple that you don\’t really even need a recipe. Just add a tablespoon (or a \”dash\” if you\’re not into measuring) of whipping cream as you whisk. The results are delicious and eye-catching. 

2) Chocolate Truffles. These are simple with impressive results. The recipe is for a simple ganache that you roll into balls. I put the finished truffles in mini cupcake liners (thank you, Dollar Tree!) and served them for dessert on Christmas day. Perfect!

3) Cream Biscuits. I have to say that these cream biscuits were even a bigger hit than the truffles. (I\’m as shocked as you are!) The biscuits are egg-free in addition to being super-simple and quick to whip up. In short: wholesome and delicious. I served them with eggs and bacon but I\’m sure they\’d be equally fantastic with butter, jam, honey, or even Nutella! 

4) Oatmeal. Like the eggs, you really don\’t need a recipe for this one. Prepare oatmeal as usual and then stir in a tablespoon of the whipping cream with a little brown sugar and dried fruit and/or nuts. It\’s an excellent way to start a cold morning and the best part is that the extra protein keeps you full until lunch time!

5) Homemade Butter. It was very surprising how simple making butter in a mixing bowl really is! I went simple this time with plain butter but now I\’ve been inspired to attempt adding herbs or honey. 

What do you make with leftover whipping cream? 

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