5 Things: Hello Spam edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all are staying warm! Well, I didn\’t win the Powerball. Admittedly, if I had, it wouldn\’t have affected this blog at all except that I\’d be writing it from a sunny beach somewhere! But I did come up with some interesting \”5 Things\” this week so in a way we allContinue reading “5 Things: Hello Spam edition”

Tried it Tuesday: Sharpie Mugs

Before Christmas, Mum and I were brainstorming what we could do as gifts for a bunch of people. Between Mum\’s Bible study and my coworkers, it was a huge number of people to shop for! Mum had always wanted to do personalized mugs so I set about researching an economical (both in time and money)Continue reading “Tried it Tuesday: Sharpie Mugs”

5 Things: More podcasts and ballet edition

Happy Friday! It\’s the first week of 2016 and Albuquerque has seen some insane weather. Sometimes rainy, snowy, and even a little bit warmer than usual. Crazy! I hope you all are dealing with milder, less dramatic weather where you are. But if it is too cold to go out (or even if it isn\’t),Continue reading “5 Things: More podcasts and ballet edition”