Top 10 posts of 2015

\”5 Things\” will be back better than ever starting next week. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to share one of my favorite, nerdy things: figuring out what posts received the most hits over the past year. Another favorite, nerdy thing is to make lists. 

Put them together and here you go:

10) 5 Things: Doughnut day edition… because everyone likes doughnuts-or donuts-right? 

9) 5 Things: Wordy, nerdy, and musical edition

5 Things8) 5 Things: \’Is it Spring, yet?\’ edition… I have a feeling most of us are asking this very question right now. 

7) Dancing with chronic illness

6) 5 Things: You can dance for a torte edition

5) 5 Things: Dancing pyramid scheme edition
Blogging Ballet
4) Blogging Ballet: Sorry, there is no DIY ballet training

3) 5 Things: If a fox makes a sandwich edition

2) 5 Things: Dances with chocolate edition… two more of my favorite things! 🙂

1) 5 Things: Let them eat pie edition… pie, yum!

Thank you all for reading and making 2015 one of the best years yet! Stay tuned for more great blog posts (I hope, anyway!) and some new stuff in the new year. 

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