5 Things: More podcasts and ballet edition

Happy Friday! It\’s the first week of 2016 and Albuquerque has seen some insane weather. Sometimes rainy, snowy, and even a little bit warmer than usual. Crazy! I hope you all are dealing with milder, less dramatic weather where you are. But if it is too cold to go out (or even if it isn\’t), you can always check out \”5 Things.\”: 

1) This week\’s special broadcast of the Strangers podcast was very moving. What incredible stories! Beautiful stories of self-sacrifice. You might want to listen with a box of tissues handy. Just in case… (Note: The second story is a little on the graphic side so I\’m sorry that there was no way to separate the two.)
2) Have you seen the website Pinterestfail.com? I can tell you that it is really nice to know I\’m not the only one who couldn\’t hack some recipes or DIY projects. Whew! Check it out if you need to commiserate with someone over unfortunate DIY outcomes. 
3) This American Life tackled an interesting topic this week: opinionated/mean people on the internet. If you\’ve ever written a blog or even just commented on a news article, you\’ve probably been exposed to trolls and those folks who relate everything to politics and a lack of brain power. I absolutely loved Lindy West confronting one of her trolls who (gasp!) actually apologizes. Wow!
4) Apparently the Philadelphia Eagles have nothing on ballet dancers. Cute story to give you a chuckle this week! 
5) Also, (for my American friends… sorry!) don\’t forget to enter the sweepstakes for HGTV\’s Dream Home 2016!  The prize is a pretty fantastic house on Merritt Island in Florida. You can enter twice a day through February 18th!
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! (Stay warm!)

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