Little Women

Nearly every year I re-read some beloved books while phasing in some new ones. 2016 seemed like a good time to re-read and write about some old but good books. All the while considering the question: What makes them so re-readable to me? I hope you\’ll join me on this journey! 

I read Little Women for the first time while I was still in the 5th grade and was instantly hooked on all things Louisa May Alcott. My original copy of Little Women even had to be retired after the cover became creased beyond recognition from repeated readings.

In Little Women I immediately related to Meg. As an eldest child, myself, she was the one who had similar life experience. Jo was too much of a tomboy for my taste, Beth was very gentle and sweet but-unfortunately-died, and Amy was very, very annoying. Even when she grew up and married Laurie. (I still hate the fact that she married Laurie and had attempted to rewrite the ending at one time!)

It wasn\’t until I re-read Little Women last year that I realized at this stage in my life I had much more in common with Jo than Meg. While Meg was what I had once aspired to be, Jo was closer to who I became as an adult. Her \”tomboyishness\” as a girl grew into a strong, unconventional woman for the time. Jo March (Bhaer) was a passionate writer and hardly the type to become a typical housewife like Meg. 

Reading this beautiful book as an adult also renewed my love for Alcott\’s family values. Sibling relationships, sweet parents (and great-aunts!), and even romantic relationships are central to all of her books. And these relationships require kindness and strength of character. Not to mention that all the \”little women\” of Alcott\’s tale are hardworking and resilient which makes them beautiful role models even for a modern girl. (Even if I still cannot stand the character of Amy.) It\’s a value system I know I can carry with me for a lifetime.

Have you read Little Women recently? What did you find the most memorable? Who did you relate to the most?

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