Tried it Tuesday: Sharpie Mugs

Before Christmas, Mum and I were brainstorming what we could do as gifts for a bunch of people. Between Mum\’s Bible study and my coworkers, it was a huge number of people to shop for! Mum had always wanted to do personalized mugs so I set about researching an economical (both in time and money) way to pull this off. 
Thanks to PopSugar\’s tutorial we had our solution! Mum and I headed to Joann\’s for oil-based paint markers and Dollar Tree for more mugs than either of us have ever bought at one time. (We may have made some enemies at the local Dollar Tree for all the mugs they had to wrap up for us!)
The final product of this undertaking was well-worth the risk. All the mugs turned out beautifully although now I may be a little addicted to drawing on ceramics. 
 Like the design I cooked up and want to know where to start? No worries, I\’ve broken down the steps for you: 

Have you attempted Sharpie Mugs? How\’d they turn out? 

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