Tried it Tuesday: Cheers to You VoxBox

Happy Tuesday! (Technically, Monday or a Wednesday depending on how you want to look at it!) Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Maybe some nice chocolate to enjoy with your sweetie?

Well, the Cheers to You VoxBox doesn\’t include chocolate but I have to say that I don\’t miss it at all. (gasp!) Check out the cool stuff I got to try thanks to

Way Better Snacks Sweet Chili
When I read the description \”sprouted broccoli and radish seeds\” on the package, I was bracing for one of those health foods that is really good for you but tastes like cardboard. Happily, that was not my experience at all. The flavorful corn chips were delicious as well as healthful. I was so impressed that I plan to try the pumpkin cranberry variety next!

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner 
You can\’t see my hair right now but it\’s curly and prone to frizz (and other terrible habits) on a regular basis. It totally has a mind of its own. The nice thing is that Suave\’s Keratin Infusion line totally delivers what it promises. I even washed my hair at night and woke up with smooth curls that just needed a little spritz with water to be revived and ready to go for the workday. For me the scent was also light and unobtrusive. I didn\’t smell it all over my pillow and my clothes the next morning. 

Recently, I also bought the Heat Defense Leave-In Conditioner that helped to leave my hair soft, shiny, and manageable. Even after a blow-dry attempt. Great, affordable hair care products to add to your repertoire!

Dr. Teal\’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution (Lavender) 

Influenster did not need to send me this product (although I\’m glad they did!) because I\’m already a devoted fan. Years of ballet and other abuse on my body have made Epsom Salts a huge part of my recovery ritual. The effects are always satisfactory (as long as we\’re not talking a serious injury, of course!). Sore muscles and feet will thank you if you give this one a try. My only note here is that the lavender scent is not my favorite (I\’m fond of the original Epsom Salts) but I am definitely going to try the Chamomile variety. (Can\’t wait, actually!) 

Hormel Taco Meats (Chicken)

Rather than canned as I expected, you can find Hormel Taco Meats in the refrigerated meat section. I was also pleasantly surprised at the flavor and lack of weird chemicals like monosodium glutamate (we have an allergy to this stuff at my house so it\’s a \”no-no\”). All good ingredients with a nice flavor. I kept things simple with a tortilla (can I say that Mission\’s Artisan Corn Wheat Blend tortillas are incredible?!), lettuce, tomato, and some mild salsa. Great dinner main course! I\’m actually curious to try the taco meat with a variety of other things like beans and sour cream. The only downside in my view would be for adults who need to watch their salt intake. Like most packaged meat, the sodium is higher than if one had prepared it from scratch. Otherwise, it was a hit. Yum!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? 

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