5 Things: March forth edition

Happy Friday! Hopefully you all had a pretty good week! It\’s March, it\’s also Vivaldi\’s birthday so, rather than share a march like I thought I would, I decided to start things off with this piece: 
1) Everyone listens to \”Winter\” from Vivaldi\’s Four Seasons but when was the last time you listened to \”Summer?\” This is a beautiful version. And I just had to share this arrangement of \”Dance of the Hours\” by the U.S. Marine Band which I stumbled across while trying to find a decent march.  
2) This American Life really nailed it with this week\’s installment \”Anatomy of a Doubt.\” Wow! It\’s a great reminder just to get someone help in a situation and not let our prejudices get in the way. When they finally let the professionals do their job, they weren\’t disappointed.
3) The grocery had some massive (I\’m not exaggerating) sweet potatoes last weekend so I was glad to find \”16 Ways to Eat Sweet Potatoes for Every Meal.\” I imagine we will be eating sweet potatoes for every meal this weekend! 
4) I have probably mentioned the (eco) shopper from Blue Avocado before but it\’s worth mentioning, again. I get so much use out of this thing that I\’m ordering another! And the really funny thing is that I get compliments on it from the cashiers and baggers at the grocery store because it holds so much stuff. Fewer trips from the car into the house and it\’s very sturdy… pretty cool!
5) Last but not least check out the events calendar at your local library! (Many of them are online.) There are so many cool things going on at the library near my office (including author meet and greets and opera) that I\’m beginning to wonder what I\’ve missed. Be sure to take advantage of the neat offerings!
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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