5 Things: Road trippin\’ edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week. It\’s road trip week in this end of the world (although I\’ll be home, again, once you all read this!). So, I thought I\’d just share some of my favorite road trippin\’ tunes. What constitutes a good \”road trip song?\” It\’s pretty much a good sing-a-longContinue reading “5 Things: Road trippin\’ edition”

5 Things: Fabulous chocolate edition

Happy Friday! A week is gone and the weekend is within sight. Pretty awesome, huh? It\’s about time it was Friday, again! (And again, and again!) And not just because it\’s time for \”5 Things\” but I do hope you\’ll enjoy this week\’s installment, too! Check it out: 1) Just in case we needed aContinue reading “5 Things: Fabulous chocolate edition”

5 Things: Asset podcast edition

Happy Friday! Hopefully, everyone had a much better week this time with some good news for a change. (We\’re definitely due for some, aren\’t we?) Well, even if that good news didn\’t come your way, this week\’s \”5 Things\” could be all the good news you need:  1) The Conversations on Dance team has churnedContinue reading “5 Things: Asset podcast edition”

Thank you, Examiner.com!

Well, you may or may not have heard but Examiner.com has stopped accepting submissions and will be closing up shop (\”on or around\”) July 10, 2016. I have to admit that it\’s not surprising in a way because they implemented a lot of editorial and compensation changes a bit too late. But I have aContinue reading “Thank you, Examiner.com!”

5 Things: 5 funny things edition

Happy Friday! We made it! If you are one of the privileged ones who got to work this short week (like me) I\’m sure you\’re extra-glad it\’s Friday. Somehow, it almost doesn\’t seem worth the long weekend when we get back to the office. But I know we all needed the extra day to sleepContinue reading “5 Things: 5 funny things edition”

5 Things: It\’s July now edition

Happy Friday! And Happy July 1st! I probably say this every month but these months are becoming a blur now, aren\’t they? Life just keeps going faster and faster. Fortunately, here\’s a moment to slow down and maybe just make your Friday that little bit better. Check it out:  1) Okay, so I\’m thinking thatContinue reading “5 Things: It\’s July now edition”