5 Things: Asset podcast edition

Happy Friday! Hopefully, everyone had a much better week this time with some good news for a change. (We\’re definitely due for some, aren\’t we?) Well, even if that good news didn\’t come your way, this week\’s \”5 Things\” could be all the good news you need: 
1) The Conversations on Dance team has churned out two more podcast episodes since I last checked-in. They\’re pretty great, I tell ya! Support the dance talent and have a listen, OK? And don\’t forget to send in your burning dance questions for them to answer!
2) Recently, Netflix added an incredible miniseries called The Assets. It\’s about the true story of a CIA mole during the 1980\’s and 90\’s. The show is thoroughly enjoyable if not bittersweet (the good guys won but at a price). If you watch it make sure you also watch the final episode where they talk to the real folks involved. Awesome!
3) And speaking of The Assets, after watching the show I had to go out and get the book written by two of the main investigators during that time period called Circle of Treason. It fills in a lot of gaps where the miniseries skimmed over or took poetic license. I read it in three days! 
4) Thanks to PopSugar Must Have Box, I recently discovered Kocostar Foot Therapy. I have to tell you these feel amazing and gives some wonderful results. Even better, the wraps are hypoallergenic. Yeah, there\’s a little on the pricey side but I think it\’s worth it because I don\’t enjoy pedicures (just something about people touching my feet… eek!). And now I\’m good for the rest of sandal season! 
5) Lastly, (trigger warning!) the podcast Death, Sex, and Money shared a heartbreaking but beautiful episode this week. If you\’re dealing with some grief of your own, it\’s not recommended (check out one of the other brilliant episodes, instead). 
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

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