5 Things: Great stories edition

Happy Friday! (And Happy Weekend to all of you who started school this week… where did the summer go?) Aren\’t you glad the weekend is here? I thought so! (Me too!) And a nice part of Fridays is that little ritual I like to call \”5 Things.\” I hope you enjoy them and they make your Friday goes just a tad more quickly. Check it out:

1) Being three weeks behind on This American Life episodes is actually kind of fun! All the commutes to and from work were accompanied by some great stories. (Gridlock was just a tad more bearable… whew!) Be sure to check out the most recent two episodes about life in the refugee camps in Greece: \”Are We There Yet?\” and \”Don\’t Have to Live Like a Refugee.\” Awesome!

2) This article \”Boy, 10, Asks Birthday Party Guests to Bring Shoes Instead of Gifts\” is absolutely beautiful. Definitely a sweet young man and kudos to his parents who have definitely raised him well!

3) Have you ever perused the Library of Congress website? Did you know you can read some beautiful, old books that are scanned in for our enjoyment? Be sure to check out The Rocket Book… it\’s adorable with some gorgeous illustrations.

4) All my fallow dance enthusiasts will probably have seen this 2015 TED talk from Bill T. Jones and friends but it is worth another watch. The man can fill a stage on his own.

5) Don\’t forget to check out your local dance companies and colleges as they put their performance schedules on the calendars. It\’s so important to support local dance. Please, show them some love this season!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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