5 Things: Neverending podcasts edition

Happy Friday! And Happy Long Weekend! (For those of you in the States.) Be sure to thank a member of your armed forces (current or past!) this weekend for their service. Also, thank a law enforcement person… they are putting their lives on the line for us everyday and there are a lot of really wonderful people among them. Don\’t let the bad guys speak for them.

Okay, are you ready for another \”5 Things?\” I thought so… check it out:

1) The Guardian did a wonderful podcast about a series of short stories inspired by Jane Eyre. It\’s a really great listen on a Friday before the long weekend. Enjoy!

2) And where there\’s one podcast, you\’ll inevitably find another! Invisibilia had another really intriguing set of stories titled \”Outside In.\” It has it all: Fake paparazzi, feminism, technology and power-posing. Seriously good!

3) Did you realize The Neverending Story turned 37 this week? Yikes! Right? (Don\’t worry, though, the movie is just 32.) Be sure to check out your local theaters because some of them are doing a special showing over the weekend.

4) Apple Cranberry Salad? Yes, please! This recipe earned my devotion because it combines three of my favorite things: apples, cranberries, and spinach. So yummy and highly recommended!

5) Last but not least: I admit to not liking Bachelor in Paradise and that\’s probably why this reenactment from The Tonight Show is extra-hilarious. Get ready to laugh!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend… and a wonderful rest!

P.S. Are we friends on Good Reads? Maybe we should be! I\’m looking for some new recommendations and I\’d love to hear yours. 🙂

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