5 Things: Everything\’s coming up havarti edition

Happy Friday and Happy (early) Thanksgiving to my fellow Americans! (Next week \”5 Things\” will be on hiatus for the holiday). Hopefully you all had a great week or as good a week as you can when you realized that the holidays are closing in with lightning speed. Time to scramble for some new veggie recipes and battle the grocery store melee to pick out a choice turkey. 
Fortunately, it\’s also Friday and time for another \”5 Things.\” Hope you enjoy!

1) Can I say that Metallica\’s \”Enter Sandman\” has never sounded better?

2) Warning: There\’s a lot of Havarti in this installment. Why? Yours truly is just a bit in love with Havarti and yours truly also went a bit overboard when she found a good price on the white gold this past weekend. What\’s a girl to do? Make awesome mac\’n\’cheese, of course! It\’s a beautifully simple recipe that tastes incredible with some whole grain elbows. (Great for lunchtime leftovers, too!) Just pair with a spinach salad and Voila! 
3) And more Havarti (I had to find some way to eat all this cheese!) went into the Apricot Havarti Puffs for a potluck at work. The original recipe is for Vegans but I used non-vegan everything (except the apricot) and regular, omnivore puff pastry from the freezer aisle. So, light with a sweetness. As you might imagine, they didn\’t last long!
4) This Apple-Pie Cake from Martha Stewart sounds amazing and will be gracing our Thanksgiving table. Another recipe I plan to attempt is Ina Garten\’s Caramelized Butternut Squash… just mixing things up a bit this year. (And, no, no Havarti for Thanksgiving… at least not yet.)
5) Okay, and for my fellow 30-somethings (or others who want to relive 90\’s fashion and lame movies) both Encino Man and Son-in-Law are currently on Netflix. My siblings and I watched these a hundred times in the early 90\’s and somehow didn\’t think Pauly Shore was all that obnoxious. Go figure!
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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