5 Things: Spring teenage war edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It\’s March and almost time to move the clocks ahead an hour. (Yuck!) But at least that means we\’ll see some more sunlight. Hopefully, it will also herald the end of this bone-chilling wind we\’ve been experiencing out West!

Well, I hope you\’re ready for another \”5 Things\” because it\’s that time, again. Enjoy!

1) If you have, oh, 11-ish minutes and need some adorable, hilarious fun, be sure to check out this movie written by children. My face still hurts from laughing!

2) Well, if you know me, you know I like shoes almost as much as I like chocolate. And I\’d like to tell you about some awesome Skechers I\’ve been enjoying. Just a bit of a wedge (because I love flats but feel like an idiot walking in them) and hands down the most comfortable things I\’ve ever worn. Seriously, if you see them in the store, I highly recommended trying them on!

3) Apparently, homework can lead to greater things! A Danish student took an assignment on WWII and ended up discovering a German warplane. Definitely an incredible find!

4) You\’ve probably head of Blue Apron. Well, I\’m here to tell you that it\’s actually pretty cool! Basically, every week (or less often as you prefer) you receive a box with three meals. The ingredients for all three (down to the sea salt) are measured out so prep time is cut down considerably. The concept is perfect for a smaller household (you don\’t buy more than you need). The only things to keep in mind are that you may have quite a number of dishes to wash afterward (i.e. 7 prep bowls after one recipe!) and the cost per delivery ($59 for two servings for meal). Otherwise, if you can deal with those two things, this is a brilliant way to spice up the menu at home!

5) Jim Denison writes one of my favorite daily newsletters with a Christian perspective on current events. It\’s always really interesting. His response to this week\’s International Women\’s Day and \”A Day Without Women\” was particularly awesome. Great read!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! (And, sadly, don\’t forget to put your clocks forward one hour this weekend… bleh!)

Published by Jenn R

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