5 Things: Do not read recipes edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least a less frozen week than the one before? (Not to brag but the Duke City was an unseasonable 79 degrees yesterday.) Even better was the fact that it\’s Spring Break in this neck of the woods and traffic has been beyond awesome. Sadly, it won\’t last but summer is on the horizon.

Well, it\’s Friday: The best day of the work week by a landslide! And just check out what I found this week:

1) The Tonight Show generally has some gems. I really laughed out loud at this week\’s \”Do Not Read.\” More fun than a herd a buffalo and a game played all by yourself.

2) Wired features a great video on how San Francisco\’s Symphony made the best of a practice space with really poor acoustics. Technology is so cool sometimes!

3) Another reason to just take a ballet class (regardless of your age) if you\’ve always wanted to try ballet: Adult ballet classes with Boulder Ballet. It\’s a great write-up and I hope you folks who are a little timid about giving it a try will take a class (I know there\’s a program near you, too!).

4) For better or worse my obsession with The Great British Baking Show has become a mission to bake interesting recipes from the show. First it was English Muffins (much, much, much tastier than the store version, I promise!) and this weekend my sister and I will be tackling Mary Berry\’s Religieuse recipe. Doesn\’t this sound delish?

5) And to work off some of those calories from all the yummy carbs, I really like Jessica Smith\’s new interval training video on YouTube. Going easy on the joints is always a winner!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! And please keep the people of London in your prayers. It\’s worth praying for the victims and their families but also the folks who had to witness such an atrocity.

Published by Jenn R

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