5 Things: Quattro cinco edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least have some fun Cinco de Mayo plans. We are having a salsa and guacamole competition at work. As I am not the least qualified to compete in either category, I volunteered to bring the plates and napkins. (Hey, someone has to do it!) At this moment I am also contemplating milk and bread in case things get too spicy.

Well, whatever your plans today, I hope it at least means you plan to check out the fun/perplexing/intriguing things in this installment of \”5 Things.\” Enjoy!

1) Get your geek on! The cast of Star Wars sings \”All Star.\” Just a little funny for your Friday. I do want to know how long it took to put the video together. And, sorry, you may get the song stuck in your head!

2) This week I came across a recipe that I hadn\’t thought about in ages: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. When I was young a friend\’s grandmother used to make these. Good memories! These babies will be making an appearance at Sunday dinner sometime soon, Delish!

3) PopSugar appealed to my love of The Great British Baking Show by presenting 12 interesting facts. You might have guessed some of these if you\’re a fan of the show but it\’s a nice list, anyway.

4) It\’s funny because I rarely talk about my key ring \”Brutus\” but this week all the ladies in the office were super-impressed so it seemed like a good time to share. Brutus is a deceptively effective little piece of self-defense gadgetry if you\’re interested in that sort of a thing and comes in an array of fun colors. I love mine and will probably be buying a few for the ladies at the office as well.

5) \”Does she realize she was mixing Italian and Spanish in the title?\” You may be asking yourself. It\’s for good reason, I assure you: I\’m in love with a car. Che bella, no? The odds of owning a Maserati in this lifetime are slim but it is a lovely machine. Having seen one finally in person, it was love at first sight. Note: By reading this you all are contractually obligated to buy me one if you win the lottery. (I\’m kidding, of course!)

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! (Buy those lottery tickets and make your family stuffed cabbage rolls.)

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