5 Things: Bullitt on the Orient Express edition

Happy Friday and Happy Birthday, Babbo! Hope you all had a great week and managed to set some time aside to spend some quality time with your family. Maybe a nice cookout for Memorial Day? Or watching The Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix? (True story!) Well, whatever the case, I did rustle up some fun stuff for you all to check out this week. Hope you enjoy!
1) OK, Babbo, this one\’s for you: The original Bullitt car has been found! And, yes, I know this doesn\’t dispense with my obligatory, annual-viewing of the movie. I\’ll see you this weekend!
2) Full disclosure: I don\’t actually hate my boss (I rather like her management style, actually) but the new-ish podcast I Hate My Boss is pretty cool. Each episode features logical career advice from two folks who have been there and done that and I don\’t even mind the little on-going skit about a fictional workplace. (And if you\’re having a tough time at work, it can be one of those \”well, at least my boss doesn\’t make me_____\” moments.) 
3) I don\’t normally go \”fan girl\” on things but the upcoming Murder on the Orient Express film is coming pretty close. (You can check out the trailer here.) It\’s like a dream-team of actors for an Agatha Christie adaptation including a ballet dancer! It looks like it\’s going to be a good one… what do you think? 
4) There\’s this cool, abstract art fad going around where paints are diluted slightly and poured on a canvas with some awesome results. Here\’s a great example. On video. Doesn\’t that look like fun? 
5) And, yay! PBS will be airing one more season with the original Great British Baking Show crew. Given that my family and I have already watched the three seasons on Netflix twice, it\’s about time! 
Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! 

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