5 Things: After the storms edition

Happy Friday! We made it! Hope you all had a great week or at least are enjoying the benefits of modern technology and electricity as many of our friends in Florida were deprived this week. But storms like those really bring out the best in a lot people, don\’t they? Medical, insurance, construction, utility, and many more types of professionals are all flocking to the affected areas to help. Many at their own expense. That\’s pretty inspiring. And when I stop to think: \”Why do bad things like this happen?\” I have to remind myself: \”Look at the good that comes out of it.\”

And those are my semi-profound thoughts for the week. It was a good reminder that even though my week was sort of crummy, someone else was possibly losing their home. Excellent wake-up call. And after that downer, I hope you\’ll find this week\’s \”5 Things\” to be a major upper. Enjoy!

1) If this awesome video isn\’t an upper, I don\’t know what is. Apologies in advance: You probably will have \”Uptown Funk\” stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But, hey! It\’s for a good reason. I promise.

2) I\’m not even a coffee drinker but I sort of want to go to this cafe in LA just to check out the Ryan Gosling latte! It sort of reminded me of this scene from the final episode of  The IT Crowd. Speaking of coffee, did you see Starbucks\’ Dark Chocolate Frappuccino?

3) Spike Jonze took over The Tonight Show set to make a mini dance film. You can see the finished product here. And if you\’re curious to see what it looked like behind the scenes (as the audience saw it), check out this link. Maybe you\’ll want to get up and dance, too… or at least you should! 🙂 

4) Loved this article: \”From pints to pointe shoes.\” A ballet mistress took over an historic pub and created a really lovely dance space. What vision! I want to go take class there. 🙂

5) If you like old books (and plays) like I do, you may enjoy reading The Enchanted Cottage by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero. It\’s a cute story (though hilariously odd at times) told in the form of a three-act play and a fairly quick read. I\’m curious to read more of his work as time permits.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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