5 Things: Musical Serendipity Edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least aren\’t freaking out that we\’re in the middle of October, already! Full disclosure: I did freak out a little when we started scheduling things for November. (I\’m not ready!) Time definitely flies but I hope you have a few minutes to slow down with this week\’s \”5 Things.\” Maybe share them with your friends?

1) Apparently, The Piano Guys did a really cool version of \”Don\’t You Worry Child\” by Swedish House Mafia. It\’s a really interesting collaboration with artist Shweta Subram. Very clever arrangement! I might like it as well as the original.

2) Astronaut Scott Kelly is a really good sport answering questions about traveling in space for Wired. Did you know they grew flowers on the ISS? Interesting, no? And maybe it\’s vanity but the concept of aging more quickly in space sounds like an excellent deterrent to me!

3) I think it\’s been about three weeks since I first listened to \”No Vacancy\” with OneRepublic and Tiziano Ferro (woo!) and it\’s pretty much stuck in my head. It\’s quite a pairing (love both separately) and it turned out to be fantastic and the great beat helps. (Apologies in advance if it ends up in your head, too!)

4) In my quest to eventually make all my food in a microwave (well, not really but I do like microwaves) Gemma Stafford has come through with a beauty! I\’m not usually so ambitious as to make a three-layer cake (that\’s a lot of cake-eating!) but it looks like a fun idea provided the frosting is chocolate… there\’s no point unless it\’s chocolate.

5) I love this article about words that come from works of fiction. Little did these authors know that they would become part of everyday speech with just one word. That\’s pretty cool!

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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