30 Christmas Films: Day 1

Christmas films are some of my favorite things no matter what time of the year. They are rarely Oscar-worthy, I admit, but the happy endings and cute stories are a nice treat along with a cozy couch and a cup of tea. So, this year (in addition to the Advent Calendar) I\’ll be exploring my personal DVD collection, Amazon Prime, and Netflix to watch 30 Christmas films.

This could get interesting so stay tuned!

Title: The Holiday (2006)

Synopsis: Two women (Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) swap houses across the pond at Christmastime to escape their unfortunate love lives. The change of scenery turns out to be good therapy and an excellent way to fall in love in the span of only two weeks.

Why You Should Watch: The soundtrack for one thing! Jack Black\’s character writes film scores for a living and so the filmmakers seemed to sense it was time to pull out all the stops with none other than Hans Zimmer.

The cast is also great including two adorable, little girls and Eli Wallach who easily steals scenes. Definitely something you can watch with your mum while pretending it\’s not weird that Kate Winslet and Jack Black are an item.

Cornball Meter: 3/5

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