30 Christmas Films: Day 8

Title: While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Synopsis: Lucy (Sandra Bullock) lives a pretty lonely and lackluster existence pining after Peter-a man she\’s never officially met. That is until one day she saves Peter\’s life after he\’s pushed off a train platform. The accident puts Peter into a coma at which point Lucy is mistaken for his fiancee and embraced by his family.

Why You Should Watch: I LOVE this movie. It\’s the right balance of bizarre never-going-to-happen comedy and a sweet, endearing story. In short: a smart romantic comedy! Sandra Bullock is hilarious (as is the rest of the extremely well-chosen cast) and you can\’t help but love the Callahan family. Please watch this with your sister/mum/aunt/grandmother/niece. They\’ll probably love it, too!

Mum Approved?: Yes

Cornball Meter: 3/5

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