30 Christmas Films: Day 9

Title: Love Actually (2003)

Synopsis: Eight couples navigate some interesting relationships in the days leading up to Christmas. There\’s a prime minister, a writer, an old rocker and more trying to survive the holidays with the ones they love…

Why You Should Watch: It\’s dorky, it\’s heartwarming, it\’s sad…There\’s a funeral, a wedding, and nativity play with a lobster… Many Brits consider this one of the worst films ever made but it\’s awesome to watch with your sister or your girlfriends. 

Even if you don\’t see the film, at least check out the iconic scenes of Hugh Grant dancing and the most famous \”to me you are perfect\” scene as part of your pop culture education this winter.

Disclaimer: This one is rated R. Not a good film to watch with the family and I highly recommend hitting the skip button anytime you see Martin Freeman\’s character. If it were up to me, there\’d only be 7 couples…

Cornball Meter: 4/5

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