30 Christmas Films: Day 19

Title: Beyond Christmas (1940)

Synopsis: Three wealthy, elderly gentlemen have a last minute cancellation at their Christmas Eve dinner. They decide to throw their wallets out into the street and invite the honest souls who return the wallets to dinner. Two of the three are returned by a cowboy and a teacher who agree to stay for a lovely evening. A romance ensues as well as a wonderful friendship with the gentlemen.  When the gentlemen are killed in a plane crash, they return as ghosts to watch over their new friends.

Why You Should Watch: It may be a personal bias but I really enjoy a film from the 1940\’s. The values of the writers and even the fashions of the day are a nice treat from the current state of affairs in our world. And one of the best film quotes I\’ve heard comes from this film: \”…when I had jewels and lands and palaces I was often weary and discontented. When everything was taken away, except my life, I learned that the way to be really happy is to serve others. To be needed.\”

Warning: You may need a box of tissues for this one!

Cornball Meter: 0/5

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