Advent Calendar 2018: Day 24

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve! Guess who is working today? Yes, me! Sadly, that does mean missing the Christmas services tonight (flashback to those days working in retail). But, it\’s going to be a wonderful couple of days with family. I am very blessed and should not complain. Today, I hope you enjoy anotherContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2018: Day 24”

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 23

Good morning! Happy Christmas Eve-Eve! \”God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen\” is a favorite Christmas song of mine (one of many!). It\’s always interesting to see how various artists interpret it. These voices seem to be a great fit. Enjoy! God rest ye merry gentlemen Let nothing you dismay Remember Christ our Savior Was born onContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2018: Day 23”

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 22

Good morning and a Happy Saturday to you! Hopefully, you got to spent a few extra minutes in bed this morning before the world encroached on your rest. Okay, another Christmas commercial for you today. This one is from a company called Zalando (they have a Macy\’s-meets-Kohls vibe from their website). This ad is really simpleContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2018: Day 22”

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 21

Good morning and Happy Friday! I hope most of you get the benefit of an extra-long weekend for Christmas. In my house, it wouldn\’t be Christmas without a little Andrea Bocelli. His version of \”Cantique De Noel\” is particularly moving. (Although, really, the majority of his music is moving if you don\’t count the duetsContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2018: Day 21”

Advent Calendar 2018: Day 17

Good Morning! Ah, Monday, Monday… Since it is Monday we might need a little fun. Two years ago the group Eclipse 6 decided to do their own little spin on a mashup of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Hamilton. (If you haven\’t seen Hamilton, this might be lost on you, apologies!) Anyway, I thought itContinue reading “Advent Calendar 2018: Day 17”