5 Things: The greatest snowman edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week. Or at least somehow managed to carefully ration that dark chocolate from Valentine\’s Day in your desk so it lasted the entire week. That takes some serious skill and planing!

Winter is.. back?? Yes, we actually had some snow in the Duke City this week.The weather in the Duke City has been pretty crazy. We had a rainstorm followed by half a day of glorious, fluffy snowflakes… that promptly melted when the sun came out making it seem as though we had dreamt the whole thing.

Well, even if you ate all your Valentine\’s candy in the first day or are still under a foot of snow, it\’s Friday and time for \”5 Things!\” Aren\’t you excited? I thought so. 🙂

1) As you probably know, I really like The Piano Guys. One of their latest videos features a special guest and music from The Greatest Showman. Awesome arrangement and a sweet story posted on Valentine\’s Day.

2) This week a major figure in the faith went home to the Lord. Pastor John Piper posted a moving tribute to the great man. And Kathie Lee Gifford had some really lovely things to say as well. (I do apologize for promoting Megyn Kelly\’s show with this clip… not a fan, otherwise.) 

3) Due to the crazy change in weather (after the 70\’s we were enjoying last week) I was reminded of an interesting piece of weather terminology. Definitely sharing it for my fellow word nerds: If it\’s not quite snow, not quite hail, what do you call it? Graupel. That\’s right, now you can impress your friends!

4) I LOVED the NYT opinion piece titled \”Why Yoga Pants Are Bad for Women.\” Hilarious and so true it\’s a little scary. Especially since my office has embraced the athetic wear movement so much that we are now permitted to wear (modest) gym clothes on Fridays. You know you\’ve seen all those folks running around with mesh insert yoga pants. It\’s okay to chuckle a little. I promise!

5) Even though they are milk chocolate, Twix are one of my favorite candies. Somehow Gemma Stafford managed to make a homemade, healthier version that looks incredible. I am excited to try this recipe the next time a Twix craving strikes.

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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