5 Things: Silent hallelujah edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least had a good time planning out your Easter dinner menu. Is it just me or is the year just flying by at a high rate of speed? I realize that I say that a lot and yet the passage of time is still amazing. According to my body clock, it should still be January. Don\’t you agree? And I say this as the person who only just realized that Easter was this weekend merely five days ago.

Well, hopefully, this week\’s \”5 Things\” will help you get through your day until it\’s time to enter Easter-prep mode. Enjoy!

1) Handel\’s Messiah is one of my absolute favorite works and it just seemed like a good thing to revisit now that Easter is here. Especially, with the world\’s largest virtual chorus. (Go big or go home!) Of course, if you want to know the lyrics (and need a chuckle) the Silent Monks might be a good choice for you.

2) Wednesday\’s Google Doodle was about history\’s first \”celebrity chef\” named Hannah Glasse. Boy! That sent me on quite the rabbit hole. And, of course, I had to check out one of her cookbooks! Can you believe she published a cookbook in the late 1700\’s? Hopefully, you\’ll be just as delighted and amused as I was chuckling at my desk that afternoon.

3) Curious to know the top 50 questions about space (and the answers) on Google? Check out Wired\’s recent video with some of NASA\’s finest.

4) If you\’re a fan of SNL (past or present), you might be interested to see what goes into getting a musical guest on stage! The mini-documentary is interesting… highly recommended!

5) This American Life really tickled my funnybone again this week with their episode \”Seemed Like a Good Thing at the Time.\” (And not just because it reminded me of The Other Guys.)I highly recommend the segments \”Prologue\” and \”Luck of the Irish.\” Be forewarned that \”Bad Morning America\” does have some suggestive language. (If you\’d like to shield your ears, it\’s easily skipped!)

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone, and Happy Easter!

Published by Jenn R

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