5 Things: Skating on thin ice edition

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a great week or at least didn\’t have royal wedding overload. I think it will be nice when the whole shebang is over and everyone can move on with their lives. I\’m sure the royals themselves are feeling that way by now, too!

But as you\’re waiting in royal wedding countdown mode, I hope you\’ll tide yourself over with some interesting things. Apologies in advance for any \”earworms\” that may result: 

1) Where have you been all my life, Hugh Jackman in Lipton\’s commercials? If Japan wasn\’t quite your speed, there\’s always Uruguay or Hungary.

2) This article about the girls kidnapped in Africa really touched my heart and especially the plight of Leah who refuses to renounce her faith. Please join me in praying that she will be able to come home to her family very soon!

3) Yay for useless things! I call it \”art therapy\” but call it what you want, being crafty or creative is good for you. I hope you take the time to make something \”useless\” this weekend. You know you need it!

4) Check out this video that brings a whole new meaning to skating on thin ice. The sounds are incredible! This is probably not a pastime I\’d enjoy but it\’s amazing to watch.

5) Lastly, leaving you with a little funky Irish dance that kicks things up a notch from Slide Step Irish Dance Company. I\’d definitely like to see them live. What about you?

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

I write stuff and pretend to be good at crafting. Check out my first novel on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3nAxiZ4

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