5 Things: Cranberry DNA Edition

Happy Friday! (After the snow Monday… in October, mind you… it couldn\’t come quickly enough!) Hope you all had a great week like this family who met an exceptional waitress. And no snow for you… not yet, anyway!

Fortunately, it\’s Friday. The weekend is soooo clooooose. But you know what\’s closer? This week\’s \”5Things.\” What a good way to cap off a the week, right?

1) It\’s \”A Frightening Tale\” of a variety that we\’re all familiar with (if not film, it\’s some other topic). I think I knew that guy in college. Hope it makes you chuckle, too!

2) A friend told me about this Kentucky teacher who uses an unusual art medium. There are a lot of creatives who get in on the act all over the world. Teambuilding exercise, anyone?

3) Yeah, it\’s pumpkin season but what yours truly really wants is a good cranberry. Even better if there\’s bread involved… I\’m going to make it a challenge to up the nutritional value on a couple of those recipes.

4) The Futility Closet featured an interesting story about \”The Old Hero of Gettysburg.\” Definitely an interesting tale and I love that all the eyewitness accounts referenced the gentleman\’s attire!

5) Vox has an interesting article on the outcomes of those ancestry DNA tests. One can see the privacy issues here but I have to say that if helping violent criminals get caught is the outcome, it\’s not a bad thing. I\’m reminded of what happened in Detroit. What do you think?

Okay, that\’s all for now. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Published by Jenn R

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